Make Feeding Stock easy with the Daniher Bale Feeder

A quick and easy feed out system that can be adapted to your ute or trailer.
  • Simple to use
  • No need for a hoist
  • Feeds out small sections of the bale in ‘biscuits’
  • Very safe to use, no need to climb onto ute or trailer
  • In cab rocker switch or remote
  • Retains the strings
  • Can be used by anyone who can drive
  • Trailer unit, with side walls added, can be used for silage, garden mulch, soil or gravel

The Daniher Bale Feeder makes light work of all bale handling needs, whether it be around the farm, hobby farm, or garden. This easy to use system makes life easy with no back breaking or heavy pushing or manhandling of the bales, as they fall off the ute or trailer automatically.

Remotely driven allows easy distribution of the bales in the safety of the cab, by the flick of the toggle switch or the hand held remote which automically feeds out the square bale or off loads a round bale. The hassles of string being left in the paddock are gone as the bale feeder retains the string.

Contact the owner and inventor, Patrick Daniher, for all general enquiries and pricing.

Call 0427 759 254

for all enquiries and pricing.


Feeding square bales from your ute

Feeding round bales from your ute

Call 0427 759 254

for all enquiries and pricing.

Daniher Bale Feeder - Flat bed trailer

Enhance Safety and Efficiency on Your Farm with Our Bale Feeder

Rolling up hay using old tractors and machinery can be a laborious, arduous and time-consuming task unless you invest in our automatic bale feeder. Not only does our solution make a mammoth job more straightforward, but it also improves safety on your farm, both for you and your livestock. Read on to learn more about our innovative products.

Daniher Bale Feeder - Round bale

Benefits of an Automatic Bale Feeder

Are you searching for a way to make farming less demanding by embracing innovative yet simple-to-use machinery? Here’s why you won’t regret investing in our cost-effective bale feeder:

  • Makes you job safer
  • Simplifies tough work
  • Multifunctional
Daniher Bale Feeder - Unloading cotton seeds

What Sets Daniher Bale Feeder Apart Regarding Feeder Trailers

At Daniher Bale Feeder, we aim to set the standard for quality, safety and innovation in our industry. So, how do we do it?

  • Our innovative approach to research and development
  • Our ability to serve customers throughout Australia
  • Our commitment to providing superb customer service

About Us

Judging by the popularity of our bale feeders, we feel successful in our award winning invention, and to be able to offer an easier and safer way for farmers to feed stock.

We’re always available to answer questions and discuss your needs with feeding your stock in a safer way.

Call 0427 759 254
for all enquiries and pricing.